Custom designed for you

You could choose prescription lens for selected optical and sunglasses frames. Options available are:

  1. Clear Lens - Standard Clear Lens with hard coated lenses. 
  2. Standard Anti-Reflective (AR) Lens - AR coated lens
  3. Blue Filter Anti-Reflective Lens - Digital lens suitable for computers, tablets and mobiles.

Simply enter your prescription details and we will fit and ship them to you. If you are unsure, we have a notes section so that you could enter details about the prescription, or leave a message and we will contact you. 


Basic Pricing

Single Vision
Standard Lens with AR $60
Thin Lens with AR $80
Ultra Thin Lens with AR $100

Multifocal Lens
Standard Lens with AR $100
Thin Lens with AR $150
Ultra Thin Lens with AR $200

Blue Filter $20 extra.
Tinted $20 extra.
Polarised $30 extra

*AR = Anti Reflective

Types of Lens

  1. Single Vision Lens
  2. Bifocal Lens
  3. Multifocal or Progressive Lens

Depending on the script if you would like to have reading or distance or both, we will check the prescription and customise them for you accordingly. Please contact us via or reach out to us on our socials to get your final pricing. 

Prescription Sunglasses

If you would like to use prescription on sunglasses we have the following options:

  1. Polarised (Grey, Brown and Green)
  2. Polarised Mirror (Blue, Green, Silver, Yellow, Red, Pink and Purple)
  3. Tinted (Any colour tint)

Please contact us on pricing for these jobs, as it depends on each type of options selected along with the type of frame selected. 

BYO Frames

We also provide the service of fitting lens to your own frames. Simply post us your frame and the script and we will put in new lens and ship to you. For more details please contact us via email or chat.

Health Care Claims and Rebates

We can send you invoice for the prescription orders and this can be claimed from your health care provider. Please check with your healthcare provider before making your purchase to avoid disappointment.